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If you are interested in having a more confident smile, orthodontic treatment can help! A straighter smile can boost your confidence and improve your oral health. Teeth that are properly aligned are much easier to brush and floss. Also, fixing your bite and function of your smile can solve problems such as jaw pain. There are many benefits to receiving orthodontic care! 

Which Treatment Is Right For Me?

If you are unsure which orthodontic treatment will benefit your smile, a consultation with your dentist is the best place to start! Your dentist can examine your teeth, go over your options and help you choose the right treatment for you. There are several options to choose from when straightening your smile and your dentist can help you pick the one that fits your specific dental needs!

Types Of Orthodontic Treatment

At Steele Canyon Smiles, we offer several types of orthodontic care. For straightening your smile, treatments include Invisalign clear aligners, traditional metal braces, clear braces and more! Traditional braces are more advanced than ever before and have helped many patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted! Clear braces and Invisalign clear aligners are a popular choice for both teens and adults who prefer a more discreet way to straighten their smile. To learn more about the benefit of each orthodontic treatment that we have to offer, contact our office to schedule your consultation!

TMD/TMJ Treatment

If you are suffering from jaw pain, constant headaches, clicking or popping jaw, ear pain or neck pain, these are all common symptoms of TMD/TMJ. This is a disorder that happens when the jaw joint is not functioning properly. When the jaw joint begins to cause problems, it can lead to many side effects. By treating your jaw alignment, symptoms can begin to subside. If you are in need of TMD/TMJ treatment, call our office today!

If you are interested in orthodontics and live in the El Cajon, CA community, contact our team to schedule a consultation! Don’t wait, your dream smile is only one phone call away!

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